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We focus on boutique honeys and the health properties of honey. We've always been passionate about wellness and we're excited about the quality and health benefits our cold extraction process provides to our customers. We treat our honey with respect allowing the honey to be fully capped before we extract so that its fully mature, this adds richness to the flavour of our honeys. We've been beekeeping in the greater Brisbane and South East for over 32 years!

Cold Exctracted Honey

This keeps the integrity of the flavours and the health benefits of the honey. Cold extracted honey is not just a sweetener its good for you.

Single Source Honey

All of our honeys are single source honeys, each batch of honey comes from one apiary site. This gives unique flavours to our honeys.

Full Mature Honey

We wait until the bees have fully capped the frames before extraction. This ensures the honey mature and adds a richness to the flavour of the honey.

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Honeycomb Brisbane

Straight from the Hive

Eating honeycomb is the healthiest way to eat honey. Not only is the honey in its freshest most natural state, but the wax of the honeycomb has many health benefits. Many people eat honeycomb for conditions like haye fever, respiratory problems, sinus issues, digestive troubles and some say it helps improve memory. Honeycomb has been used for centuries in folk medicine for hundreds of complaints across the world.

South East honey love

Our apiary sites are located in forests around Brisbane, South to the Gold Coast, across the Border Ranges along Scenic Rim, Through the forest around Boonah, The Redlands Bayside Area and this Spring for the first time we have some excellent Yellow Box Forest on the Darling Downs. We supply honey direct to the public through local Brisbane markets, local pickup and delivery all over Australia. We have international clients that take our honey as gifts all over the world.

Honey Brisbane

"I am so glad I found Petes honey. They have such yummy tasting honey and exceptional customer service."

Sharon Jarratt

"We wouldn't get our honey from anyone else. Pete doesnt blend his honeys together so they all have a unique flavour. We love it!"

Tia Hadfield

"Delicious honey with distinctly different flavours, definitely from happy, contented, cared for bees. Thankyou Peter and Bronwyn"

Joanne Tame

"We picked some of this honey up at the markets this morning. It really is amazing honey at a really great price!!! Extremely happy customer "

Erin Kikkert