We are very proud of our honey! Pete’s Honey have been supplying pure, natural honey, to the local Brisbane community for over 20 years.

Local PURE, NATURAL, Honey from Brisbane

Our honey is produced on the south side of Brisbane. It is pure, raw, natural, cold extracted. A fine strainer is used to remove wax particles just before it is bottled. Un-strained honey is also available.

We try to keep the honey in the same condition as it comes out of the honey combs. The honey is not blended with honey from other regions or apiary sites.  Did you know honey is a raw food?

What type of honey for you?

We have a range of different honeys. Each season and apiary site produces its own unique honey. The honey comes from the flowers that bloom at that particular time.  We do not usually blend honey from different honey flows, although, this may occur naturally as the honey may not be ready to extract at the end of one honey flow so that honey will be in the hive until the honey from the next flow is ready.

We do not extract the honey until it is fully mature. This gives our honey a unique characteristic. Our honey is only extracted when the bees have converted all the nectar into honey and it is fully capped and mature.

Our honey processing is less sophisticated than other methods but we believe it makes a far superior end product. Our customers tell us that our honey is nothing like what you buy in the shops!