Bee hive removal in Brisbane
The removal of bee hives is a specialist field.
The removal of unwanted hives, feral hives and hives in wall cavities in buildings and other unusual locations should only be undertaken by an experienced bee keeper who has done this work before.
We remove unwanted beehives from buildings, yards and farms. We can also manage or remove bee swarms.
Managing feral bees
Feral bees are wild bees. They are not in a man-made box but live in trees, natural cavities, open spaces on tree branches etc or in wall cavities in houses or other buildings.
It is true that some bees are very gentle and will allow a bee keeper to remove them with little fuss but if something goes wrong it the removal attempt can be disastrous. Imagine a hive of 20,000 to 80,000 bees getting very upset and angry, then forming a savage swarm intent on stinging everything in its path!
We specialize in the removal of unwanted bee hives
We prefer to remove bees live. However sometimes it is necessary to kill a hive of bees. If the hive is infected with American Foul Brood the hive must be destroyed by law. If people in the vicinity of the hive are known to be anaphylatic, the bees should be killed for safety reasons.
We remove bee hives both live and dead.