Blue Gum Honey Brisbane

Blue Gum Honey Brisbane

The blue gum honey this year is delicious. We are still extracting and waiting for the extracted honey to settle so we can grade it but it looks and tastes fabulous It is Bronwyn’s favourite honey.

Blue gum honey is thick and smooth, you can almost bite into it. Some of our hives produced blue gum honey with a hint of sherbet tang to it. It is quite amazing.

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"Delicious honey with distinctly different flavours, definitely from happy, contented, cared for bees. Thankyou Peter and Bronwyn"

Joanne Tame

"We picked some of this honey up at the markets this morning. It really is amazing honey at a really great price!!! Extremely happy customer "

Erin Kikkert

Cold Exctracted Honey

This keeps the integrity of the flavours and the health benefits of the honey. Cold extracted honey is not just a sweetener its good for you.

Single Source Honey

All of our honeys are single source honeys, each batch of honey comes from one apiary site. This gives unique flavours to our honeys.

Full Mature Honey

We wait until the bees have fully capped the frames before extraction. This ensures the honey mature and adds a richness to the flavour of the honey.